Insurance for Professional Entertainers

McGowan insures professional actors, musicians and comedians.


Insuring high net worth individuals in professional entertainment industries.


We protect professional entertainers – on set, on the road, or on stage.

Expert advice.

PAE works directly with pro athlete sports agents, lawyers and/or advisors to safeguard their clients.


We never share our clients’ information with anyone outside of our division.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PAE works closely with sports agents, lawyers, financial advisors, accountants and business managers to ensure their clients have the proper insurance protection for their unique exposures due to their profiles and professions.

We work primarily with professional athletes, entertainers, directors, TV and movie producers, spokesmodels, screen writers, franchise owners, front office personnel and coaches, which allows us to dedicate our time to  their unique schedules and liability exposures.

We work directly with our clients’ sports agent, lawyer and/ or advisor to educate them on our service model and how it is unique in the industry. We let them know immediately we understand we are representing them to their client.

It’s imperative to be an asset rather than simply an added service. The reality is if we do not deliver on our service, the advisor can lose that particular client and many more. Our service also distinguishes advisors from their competitors, ensures their clients have the proper insurance program in place as part of their overall financial portfolio and saves them time in dealing with insurance issues.

We understand and appreciate our relationships with our sports agents, lawyers and advisors.

Insurance is seen more and more as a commodity. Ironically, the higher profile the client, the more liability and property exposures we find when providing our review for the advisor and their client, especially when looking at their Foundations or charity events and personal appearances. Many of our clients were with the same carrier and coverages they had when they were much younger and had less exposure.

Advisors often let us know they have been looking for someone like us and appreciate what we add to their business model.

Many advisors think we charge a fee, see all insurance coverage and carriers as the same and do not critically look at their clients’ insurance coverages until there is a lawsuit or claim denial.

They mistakenly do not see the added value in having their clients’ insurance reviewed before there is a significant loss of personal wealth that could’ve been covered with the right insurance coverage. We have a dedicated division specifically geared toward their clients and offer a significant benefit to their business and their clients.

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