From fender-benders to leaky roofs, McGowan is here to help, when you need help the most.

Auto Claims

Call the Police

If you are in an accident you should call the police.  Otherwise, it will be a he said she said account. 

The only times police will not show is;

  1. Accident happened on private property
  2. There is no officer to respond due to their heavy workload. 

Exchange Personal Information

Next make sure you get their personal information; name, phone number, policy number, and their vehicle information.  

Who's at Fault?

If the accident is your fault, call your insurance agent.  If the agent is unavailable, call the carrier directly. 

If the accident is not your fault, you have 2 choices;  Contact your insurance agent to make a claim on your policy or call the at fault party’s insurance carrier and file a claim.  You will need the at fault party’s information to make the claim with the carrier.

Homeowners Claims

Don't Make Things Worse

If you have a loss to your home the first thing you should do mitigate any further damage.  Next, determine the cause or type of loss.  

Contact Your Agent

Next, contact your insurance agent and determine the next steps. 

Assessing Your Claim

Some losses will not become claims due to the amount of loss.  

For example, Let’s say you have a $1,000 deductible.  If wind has caused some shingles to blow off your roof, you may not have a claim because the damage may only be $100 or $200 to repair the lost shingles.  Talking to your agent will be the best course of action.