Ryan Gillenwater


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    Ryan is a veteran of the amusement and insurance industries. Ryan has created several successful insurance programs over the years focused on the Family Entertainment Center segment of the industry.

    Personal Snapshot

    Not only do I love my job but so does my family. My three boys enjoy traveling and “testing” the attractions at the “fun centers daddy insures” The Gillenwater family loves the beach and camping so if you hear that I am working from my “satellite office” it means, I am working from the camper. The best business advice I was given and will ever give is, never miss an opportunity to make memories with your family.

    Representative Experience

    • Over eight years of experience in developing and growing a very successful amusement insurance program practice.
    • A nationally recognized expert in amusement safety who’s been called on by manufacturers to review products and assist with R&D of new projects.
    • Active participant and speaker at many of the industry’s top-rated seminars, expos, and annual trade shows.
    • Significant technical insurance background which benefits clients through the creative and precise development of insurance programs tailored for their park or facility.
    • Specialist in working with early stage and maturing operations by understanding and assisting in pro-active design and risk management strategies for clients