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    Depth, in a word, describes Drew Tewksbury. He is dedicated to understanding, educating and protecting his clients. His experience running festivals and fairs, working on and inspecting amusement rides and developing safety standards provides him with a fundamental understanding of this unique business. In addition to providing exceptional insurance products, Drew is also a nationally certified amusement ride safety officer and inspector. His unwavering commitment to building meaningful relationships with clients, colleagues and trading partners makes him different from other insurers. When something has gone wrong, clients know they can count on Drew to show up—even at two in the morning.

    Personal Snapshot

    Whether it’s climbing the highest peaks in the Rockies or fishing a tight trout stream, Drew’s lifestyle is always adventurous. Guided by core principles of integrity and compassion, he and his family are committed volunteers and supporters of their community. His greatest successes are the partnership he has with his wife and the raising of their two teenage daughters.

    Representative Experience

    • Created, led and grew several of the amusement industry’s most successful insurance and risk management programs.
    • A nationally recognized expert in amusement safety who has provided interviews and content for many news and industry publications.
    • Active participant in several annual amusement safety schools and seminars where he brings his ‘down home’ brand of speaking to the industry.
    • A technically trained insurance professional with objective analytical skills that enable him to develop creative solutions.


    • Indiana University, BS, Sport Marketing and Management
    • Industry Certifications
    • National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) Level 1
    • Multi-State Amusement Ride Inspection Licenses