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    There is something personal about a handwritten note that can’t be found in an email. We recognize the difference and are dedicated to providing this kind of authentic, personal service to each of our clients. Business partnerships require long-term commitment and sacrifice from each member of the team, and McGowan is built on teamwork. We pull our weight—and more—for the long haul.

    Featured here are seven representatives of the larger McGowan family. Our team is composed of a wide variety of creative professionals with multidisciplinary experience, from business management to military service. Despite extensive backgrounds, we value continued education. We are a curious group—always learning from the people around us. As actively engaged members of our families and communities, we are devoted to improving ourselves and delivering added value within our circles of influence.

    Lee Stacey’s story is one of determination and achievement. After serving with the US Army 1st Ranger Battalion, he left the service after a parachuting injur.. More >

    Lee Stacey

    Jim is known for his highly-responsive service model he has deployed for both his high-profile clients and their associated business ventures. Pro athletes and .. More >

    Jim Convertino

    Laura Gundlach is a skilled and enthusiastic professional partner for non-profit organizations. Her past clients range from famous historical organizations to w.. More >

    Laura Gundlach

    Jani educates her clients on the unique insurance protection for their Foundations, LLC’s, charity events, sports camps, websites, celebrity appearances, shel.. More >

    Jani Memorich

    Kevin Milligan is an experienced broker and sales executive. Prior to joining McGowan in 2009, he spent three years placing specialized reinsurance risks within.. More >

    Kevin Milligan

    Depth, in a word, describes Drew Tewksbury. He is dedicated to understanding, educating and protecting his clients. His experience running festivals and fairs, .. More >

    Drew Tewksbury

    Insurance and risk management is embedded in Patrick’s DNA. Prior to joining McGowan, he spent thirteen years growing and leading a team of commercial insuran.. More >

    Patrick Muscenti

    Dawn Crossland brings over 21 years of insurance experience to the table. Her career in insurance started as a captive agent. After 12 years, she decided to be.. More >

    Dawn Crossland