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    Professional Athletes & Entertainers (PAE)

    What We Do –

    • Personal Insurance Coverage for professionals athletes, Family Offices, broadcasters, entertainers, spokesmodels, directors, TV and movie producers, screen writers, ballclub owners, front office personnel, coaches and high net worth individuals.
    • Commercial insurance coverage for Foundations, personal appearances, special events, birthday parties, commercial ventures, LLCs, Shell Corporations, singing and promotional tours, television and movie productions, musical instruments, golf tournaments, life and disability coverage, basketball, baseball, hockey and football camps, websites and charity outings.


    How We Do It –

    • We work directly with our clients’ sports agent, lawyer and/or advisor to educate them on our service model and how it is unique in the industry.
    • Our clients can and do call us at any time, including evenings and weekends, should they need anything or have a claim. We always keep the advisor in the loop on all activity.
    • Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, not only within McGowan/PAE but with any of our relationships. Our clients’ information is not shared with anyone outside of our division.
    • We can also place difficult personal and commercial coverages that many insurance brokers may not be able to provide.
    • We are licensed in all fifty states and can provide coverage anywhere in the world.


    Why We Do It –

    • Our primary goal is to educate our clients along with their family members and simplify their entire personal and/or commercial insurance programs, which can be quite complex.
    • Insurance is not a commodity, but an integral piece of any Wealth Management program.
    • We eliminate any surprises in coverage issues during a claim and protect our clients, families, and their advisors.
    • It’s imperative to be an asset rather than simply an added service. Our service distinguishes our advisors from their competitors, ensures their clients have the proper insurance program in place as part of their overall financial portfolio, and saves them time in dealing with insurance issues.


    Get In Touch –

    Jim Convertino – Director Jani Memorich – Associate Director
    Direct Phone: 440-895-3641 Direct Phone: 440-895-3644


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