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    McGowan Amusement Group

    The amusement industry of the 21st century is worlds away from the early days of carnivals and traveling shows—the rides are more thrilling and the lights more vibrant. And yet, there remains a common commitment to a safe, clean, memorable customer experience. Technology continues to advance, but the industry’s commitment to the patron has not changed.

    Exciting News: AXA XL’s Allied Specialty Insurance & The McGowan Companies Enter Joint Venture – Click here to read the news release.

    At McGowan, we respect the traditions that form the foundation for today’s amusement industry. Our team is made up of the most experienced insurance professionals in the history of the business. We are passionate about protecting the interests of our clients, supporting them as they deliver on their commitment to the customer. As industry insiders, we’re not just suits with degrees. We climb under rides, build safety guidelines and wrench on go-karts—we deliver insurance and risk management programs with personal experience as our guide. Unlike other firms, we are in the amusement business.

    Whether you have a traveling carnival, family entertainment center, arcade, amusement park, water park or skating center, McGowan understands your business. Just as you work each day to keep that decades-old commitment to your customers, we live every day as your partners in protecting fun.

    Contact: Drew Tewksbury 

    download guide: checklists and reminders for amusement park and carnival openings
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