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    Made up of thoughtful, creative leaders, the team at McGowan is proactive and focused. Our operations mindset and technical expertise blend for a specialized approach to risk management. First, we build an intensive understanding of your business. Next, we align our approach to your individual needs. After that, we focus on relationship. We continue to serve you by staying tuned in to your business and events in your sector.

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    We have a thorough working knowledge of our clients’ companies and their customers. Every detail is fair game as we dive into your operations, supply chains and facilities. At McGowan, we never outsource the groundwork. Our team members make personal visits to clients and their locations, ensuring a true understanding of business operations.


    Our approach to risk management goes beyond best practice—we exceed expectations across a mixed group of peers. New perspectives are important as we prevent problems for our clients, both directly and across the supply chain.


    Relationships with McGowan are never static. As our clients evolve, so do our relationships, making our interactions organic and individual. We aim to creatively provide the best in service, insurance contracts and risk management programs. We achieve this goal with regular site visits, frequent meetings and intentional communication.