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    Claim Servicing Information

    What is an incident?

    An incident is any event that has or may result in property damage or bodily injury.  Not all incidents may result in an actual claim, however, all incidents should be reported to McGowan.

    What do I need to do in the event of an incident?

    All incidents need to be reported to McGowan as soon as practicable within 24 hours of the incident.  Incidents should be reported using the McGowan Amusement Group Incident Reporting form found in this Claim Kit. Reports can be mailed, emailed  or sent via fax to 440-333-3214.

    What will McGowan do with the incident reports you submit?

    McGowan will review all incident reports and determine whether they warrant the initiation of an actual claim.  If so, the report along with any other supporting documentation will be provided to the insurance carrier for formal claim management.  Those incidents that do not warrant claim reporting will be filed as “Incident Only” events and kept in the McGowan Claim Unit and monitored for future development.  McGowan will not initiate any claimant contact on “Incident Only” claims.

    What constitutes a Claim Emergency?

    Any incident resulting in:

    1. Fatality
    2. Dismemberment
    3. Quadriplegia/Paraplegia
    4. Head Trauma
    5. Severe Burns
    6. Rape/Sexual Assault
    7. Fractures
    8. Injuries involving multiple parties in the same accident
    9. Significant property damage
    10. Medical transport of injured party

    Download the MAG Liability Claim Notice

    Download Our Automobile and Cargo Loss Notice

    How to contact McGowan Claims

    You can contact the McGowan Amusement Group Claim Unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 440-895-3636.  You can also reach the Claim Unit via email at  Your Producer or Account Manager is also available to assist you in a claim emergency 24/7 should you need them.

    If you have any questions or concerns about a claim or our claim service please contact:

    Lee Stacey
    President and CEO
    Direct Phone 440-895-4302